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What is the correct dosage of GS-441524?

The dose depends on the weight of the cat. However, the basic dosage is 6-8 mg GS per 1 kg live weight of a cat in wet or dry uncomplicated FIP. Ours is also available calculator:

Neurological and ocular forms require dosages of up to about 10-12 mg / kg. Be sure to consult a specific dosage.

If you like formulas, then calculating is simple.

i = m * d / c

i: injection dose [ml]

m: cat’s weight [kg]

d: dosage of active substance (GS441524) for a given type of FIP [mg / kg]

c: concentration [mg/ml]


Cat’s weight is 2kg,

dose for your FIP type is 5mg/kg. 6mg / kg,

concentration of injection solution is 15mg / ml.

Enter into formula and you will get:

i = 2 * 6/15 = 0.8 ml

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