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This is Ami’s story of survival

Ami is our cute China Exotic Shorthair, looks like Garfield. She joined our family in the summer of 2018. When I first met Ami, she was a cute and healthy baby cat. After one year, she showed exceedingly friendly, funny, quirky, overly loving, and loaded with personality and brought the family so much fun and happiness.

One day, Ami refused to eat, continually slept, and felt hot to the touch. Firstly, we thought she just played exhaustedly, not a big deal. But the situation didn’t get better after one week and her abdominal distention worsened. Vet told us that she was with the fluid assessment, lack of appetite, lethargy, and fever of 105 degrees. Ami had the effusive (wet) form of FIP.

Though in chemical and pharmaceutical industry, we never heard of the fatal disease before. So, we looked up and GS-441524 came into our sight. An experimental drug called GS-441524 was used in a field experiment of 31 cats. After 25 days, 25 of the 31 cats were ultimately cured of FIP. It gave us great hope to save her life.

Unfortunately, though GS-441524 was found to be effective, no efforts were made to get it approved for animal use. We despairingly found no where to buy it. So we did it ourselves in our own lab. The molecule were synthesized in high purity (99.3%, HPLC) and formulated as an extra small tablet (< 8mm tablet diameter, for easy feeding). After 2 months therapy, our molecule turned out effective and healthy Ami back to us.

There are many cats and family suffering from FIP, and may be desperate to find the medication. So this website was built. As kitten lover and chemistry nerd, we share our pet love and thinking of GS-441524 formulation with you. This is one option for cat owners and veterinary professionals to save the lives.

May the world be without of FIP!

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