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Free First Vial Aid from FIP Doctor

Free First Vial Aid is a campaign held by FIP Doctor, a reliable and affordable GS formulation provider in the USA. It provides FIP cats’ parents an option to treat their cuites.


This campaign provides one free vial of FIP Doctor Injecat 15, which contains 15 mg/mL GS of 5 mL. All that is required to get your free vial is a contribution of $9 USD, which helps support local volunteer work and covers the USPS delivery fee.

First Vial Aid

Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is a fatal disease. Thanks to Dr. Niels Pedersen’s promising study of GS441524, we now have life-saving medication available. Our hope is to save the life of every FIP cat, and it starts with the first vial of GS-441524.

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