Cracking the Code: Is FIP Warriors Legit?

Discover the truth about FIP Warriors: Is it a legit solution for Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)? Uncover expert insights, real-life experiences, and the critical factors to consider when evaluating alternative treatments. Your cat’s well-being depends on informed decisions.

What is FIP Warriors

In recent years, one name has stirred both hope and skepticism among cat owners – “FIP Warriors”. FIP Warriors is a community of cat owners and advocates dedicated to raising awareness and providing support for cats diagnosed with Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). In this article, we’ll delve into the world of FIP Warriors, addressing the burning question: Is FIP Warriors legit?

Is FIP Warriors Legit?

FIP Warriors revolves around the use of GS-441524, a drug that has shown potential in treating FIP. Up to now, FIP Warriors and its admins helped countless FIP cats and so many cats’ parents. It’s true that this community bought FIP parents hope to save their baby. However, given the GS 441524 patent is still unavailable for animal usage, any supplier of GS-441524 IS with a legitimate issue. So the answer is negative.

FIP Warriors claiming that other suppliers are scams and with low quality.

FIP Warriors is a reseller at high price

1. Someone post on one of their groups seeking FIP treatment.

2. Admins played a role of cat owners and enthusiastic helpers chime in, respond either publicly or privately using languages such as ‘I have pm’ed you’. Admin are assigned territories and have sales targets. Other Admins play the role of cat owners and responding to the posts to validate what the selling admin claims.

3. Cat’s owners are steered towards an ‘approved’ brand based on their budget and willingness to pay. If they can afford higher price products, Mutian is usually offered as the default choice. If they have limited funds, then a low price brand is offered. Either way, only the brands that have entered into commission paying agreements are promoted to cat owners. “

Advice to parents

Make GS 441524 formulation on your own

If you may find a lab or alike, it’s easy and affordable to make the injection and pill on your own. May Find how to make GS 441524 formulation here.

Find a reliable source with affordable price

Top 5 supplier is shared here.

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