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GS-441524, GS441524, GS-441, GS441, Feline infectious peritonitis, FIP, treatment, tablet, capsule, injection

FIP Treatment from Dr. Niels Pedersen

By Dr. Niels Pedersen Symptomatic Treatment There is currently no effective treatment that is legally available for cats with confirmed FIP. Until new treatments can be approved and marketed, treatment remains largely symptomatic. A low to moderate dosage of prednisolone or prednisone (starting at 2 mg/kg, orally, once a day for two weeks and then …

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Niels C. Pedersen FIP Cat GS-441524

GS-441524 treatment & dosage

Treatment with oral formulations of GS-441524 Niels C. Pedersen, Nicole Jacque September 24, 2021 The initial field testing of GS-441524 for FIP treatment involved subcutaneous injection. This route of administration was based on prior pharmacokinetic (PK) studies done on laboratory cats. Intravenous and subcutaneous routes of injection yielded similar high blood levels that were sustained …

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